Feline Fridays — with a twist of DNA

I did a DNA test for my cat Simba back in 2017 (available here for a nominal fee), and below are the results of Simba’s ethnicity.[1]  He is descended from Western European cats!  

Now, the real reason I did a cheek swab on Simba — he was less than impressed with being swabbed, by the way — was to donate his genome to science.  At the time I had read (somewhere, can’t remember now where) that there were many more samples of canine genomes than feline genomes for scientific research, so I decided to contribute on Simba’s behalf.

simba ancestry

Below is Simba with his best buddy Leo. Both were adopted as “teenagers” (over 6 mos. old but less than 1 year) from the local city shelter in December 2013, shortly after our long-term feline companion Rory died.

imag4093 - copy

[1] Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine,
“Cat Ancestry [Report] Simba”, case CAT92330; (https://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/cat/ancestry/ : accessed 1 Mar 2017).


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