AncestryDNA is now assigning a parental side to your matches

I’ll go one better than the parental split about your ethnicity… now it’s your matches. Well, for most people. (Sigh, not yet me, as you can see below!)

That said, I really can’t complain because all the accounts of DNA testers I manage already have the new parental split. (Perhaps it’s because I’ve got a really old account?) I digress… Mom has her split, and Dad has his. I’m super excited about Mom’s split, because she actually has several hundred paternal matches!! Her dad was born in the United States, but both his parents (and his eldest brother) were born in the Marche region of Italy.

Turns out Mom has hundreds of matches who have ancestors from Fano, Italy (where my Mom’s paternal grandfather was born). None match our known surnames — but we know so few anyway.

And with respect to Mom’s maternal matches, I’m psyched that so many were in line with what I had researched already. One thing I noticed, though, about her “unassigned” matches were that a fair number of them are clustered to her Hill/Geho line (from southwest Penn to Guernsey County, Ohio): her great-great grandmother’s parent’s line. I’m not entirely sure why Ancestry marked these matches as Unassigned, but pretty much the entire cluster of those matches is Unassigned so at least it’s consistent.

If you have done DNA testing at Ancestry, do you have the new feature on your account yet? And, if so, has it helped you?

(BTW — side note — I spoke with an Ancestry representative about a week or so ago; they said the rollout will be continuing for the next few months.)