Woo-hoo!! Just finished!

I just completed the Boston University online class for the Certificate of Genealogical Research!  Turned in my research report on Sunday the 16th, and the grades for both the report and for the final module (“Professional Genealogy”) were posted yesterday.  I have done well enough in the modules (all graded) to get a certificate.   I will be looking for it to arrive in the mail within the next few weeks.

When it arrives, I will post a photo — AND my review of this course.  The books used were changed for the Fall 2018 session and the course was modified (somewhat) dropping the number of modules to 4 (from 5).

The registration deadline for the next class, starting in January 2019, is tomorrow!  More info can be found here.

(For a certificate, your grade for each module must be a “C” or better AND the total grade average for all 4 modules must be “B-” or better.)